Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Rape of Sherlock Holmes...is there nothing sacred left?

By now, you may have seen the pervasive trailers for Hollywood's latest foray into imaginative, daring, fresh content. Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle's cerebral hero, is being reinvented in front of our eyes. Robert Downey Jr., the brilliant thespian behind the mask of Iron Man, bulks up just a bit more to play the great detective. It looks to be an exciting tale of passion, violence and humor...but it has nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes.

The reason that Holmes was a special figure in annals of classic literature, is because he was rather unique. He never stripped down to his skivvies for a bare-knuckled brawl. He never seduced women whose cases he handled. He never engaged in a thrilling, heart-pounding chase complete with explosions and gunshots. He was not James Bond, Batman, Dick Tracy, or Vin Diesel. He was substance over style, mind over matter, intellect over brawn.

Apparently, none of that matters to the talented writers who concocted this soon-to-be travesty.
The brilliant choice of casting the beefy and boisterous Downey to portray the classic gaunt, lanky, and brooding detective was obviously made off the only similarity the two men have-a penchant for mind-altering substances.

If you want to see the REAL Holmes, find a few episodes of Jeremy Brett's portrayal. Sherlock Holmes, action hero? No thanks, I'll pass.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For the love of Bimbos

I have a new guilty pleasure...although I am not certain how much of it is pleasure and how much is guilty.


Yes, the Soup does a good job of making a weekly joke at the expense of this train wreck of a show. But Joel McHale only has half an hour a week to devote to all that is wrong in reality show land.

This bizarre little love-fest, which serves as a damning argument against anything resembling polygamy, is an hour full of jokes, made at its' own expense. Watch an episode or two if you don't believe me. No knowledge of "storyline" needed, episodes (just like the mindless sluts featured in them) are interchangeable.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You might be a WoW addict if...

If you've berated a book store owner for carrying the Klingon Dictionary, but not the Orcish dictionary...you might be a WoW addict.

If you have ever referred to an airport as a "flightpath"...you might be a WoW addict.

If you include Stormwind, Ironforge, or Undercity in a list of the world's existing monarchies...you might be a WoW addict.

If you walk into a tailor's place of business wondering what sort of patterns they can teach you...you might be a WoW addict.

If you've written a term paper debating the merits Alliance v. Horde...you might be a WoW addict.

Moar to come...